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SCB DataX's Data Scientist, Chaipat Suwannapoom, Dazzles Audience at PyCon Thailand 2023 with Cutting-Edge Insights

Data and AI

January 27, 2024

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SCB DataX's esteemed Data Scientist, Chaipat Suwannapoom, garnered immense acclaim following his remarkable presentation at PyCon Thailand 2023 on December 15th. Suwannapoom, affectionately known as 'Big' within the data science community, delivered profound insights into 'Unlocking Visual Insights: Building an Image Question Answering System Using RAG and LLM.' This presentation captivated attendees, showcasing a fusion of technical prowess and innovation.

Suwannapoom's expertise and contribution to the field of Data Science were prominently featured during his session, emphasizing the significance of leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as RAG and LLM to construct an advanced Image Question Answering System.

The presentation was met with resounding applause and commendations, solidifying Big's reputation as an authority in the realm of Data Science. This momentous event at PyCon Thailand 2023 has illuminated new pathways for data-driven innovation, marking SCB DataX's continuous commitment to pioneering advancements in the field.

The insightful discourse by Chaipat Suwannapoom has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the audience, exemplifying the pinnacle of expertise and innovation in the evolving landscape of Data Science.

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