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Our very own Senior AI Scientists mentored at the Typhoon Hackathon 2024!


June 29, 2024

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Our very own Senior AI Scientists, Pakhapoom Sarapat and Nut Chukamphaeng, recently mentored at the Typhoon Hackathon 2024!

Under the theme "Empowering Thai Language AI for Inclusivity," this event was hosted by Typhoon, SCB 10X, and SCBX, in partnership with global AI and Tech leaders such as AI Singapore, Microsoft, VISTEC,,, DataX, InnovestX, Techsauce, and many more. Nut and Aui shared their expertise, provided invaluable knowledge, and supported participants throughout the hackathon.

The participants developed innovative AI solutions tailored to Thai culture, fostering inclusivity, and driving sustainable development and innovation in Thailand's AI landscape. It was an amazing opportunity for everyone involved!

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