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Security Operation Officer






About Us

Do you want to be part of Thailand banking transformation? Data is the core of the new financial services era, and we are open for the opportunity to be part to drive this change at the core.

SCB DATAx is a new venture of the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) holdings, a leading financial services and digital services holdings in Thailand and ASEAN.

As part of the transformation of SCB into a group of product and technology companies, under the SCBx brand, SCB DATAx is the technology company to centralize data and provides AI and data science services and products to the group.

With a leading-edge cloud native data & AI platform, our vision is to support the group to providing everyone in our region with the opportunity to prosper.

We work on forward-thinking challenges of centralizing, analyzing and sharing information. We collaborate with companies and experts in many different domains, embrace diversity and all that while having a good laugh and joy in work.

Discover job openings on our career page. To apply, email with the role's title as the subject, attach your CV, and specify your contact information. We're eager to learn more about you.

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  • Stay updated with the latest security trends and technologies.

  • Participate in security audits and compliance assessments.

  • Collaborate with senior management to align security initiatives with organizational goals.

Preferred Qualifications


  • At least 3 years of experience in firewall management, key management, and identity management.

  • Strong understanding of network security, cryptographic principles, and IAM frameworks.

  • Familiarity with Palo Alto Network Solution, Azure services, Azure Active Directory, and managed identities for Azure resources.

  • Ability to collaborate with IT teams, security architects, and external vendors to enhance security measures.


  • Firewall Management: Maintain and configure firewall systems to ensure network security and prevent unauthorized access. Conduct regular reviews and updates of firewall rules and configurations.

  • Key Management: Manage cryptographic keys within the organization's key vault systems. Ensure secure storage, rotation, and access control of keys used for data encryption and authentication.

  • Web Application Gateway Management: Configure and manage web application gateways to protect against common threats. Conduct regular security assessments and update gateway configurations.

  • Identity Management: Develop and enforce identity and access management (IAM) standards. Implement authentication protocols and manage user identities across all systems and applications.

About Team & Role

The Security Operation Officer will be responsible for managing of security measures to protect the organization's information systems. This includes managing firewalls, overseeing key management systems, and ensuring robust identity management practices.

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